Symbol SPDL (Synergy Power Development Limited)
Fiscal Year 072-073
Announcement Detail Synergy Power Development Limited is going to close the issue and sale of its 7,00,000 units of ordinary shares (IPO) to the locals of project affected area of Dolakha District, (Gaurisankhar, Khare, Lamabagar, Barang, Bulung, Laduk) and also to the locals of (Lamidanda, Suri, Chankhu and Marbu) from today (Bhadra 12, 2073-after banking hours).
Announcement Date 2016/08/28 AD (2073/05/12 BS)
Tags Notice    Closure    IPO   
Bookclose Date
% Cash Dividend
% Bonus Share
Right Share Ratio
Date 2016/08/28 AD (2073/05/12 BS)