Merolagani AI Charts

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Rs.7,500 for 6 Months

Tired of listening to biased viewpoints of individual Technical Analysts?

With a grand success of Merolagani Technical Newsletter with over 80% Accuracy in the past 6-years, Merolagani furthermore brings AI Charts, a one-stop solution to all your technical analysis needs wherein AI-Assisted charts are verified and quality assured by Merolagani Professionals with 15+ years experience in the technical analysis field.

Salient Features:

- Unbiased objective technical analysis viewpoint of the market with over 80% Accuracy

- AI Charts which are further verified by Merolagani professional TA team with 15+ Years experience.

- Specific BUY | SELL | HOLD strategy with Risk To Reward ratio.

- Charts updated on daily basis.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is Buy / Sell list made based on priority or alphabetically?

- Buy / Sell List is made alphabetically.

2. Is this AI Chart based purely on AI?

- AI Chart is preliminarily prepared based on AI, which is further verified by professional analysts with more than 15+ Years experience.

3. What is the difference between Retracement Buy and Breakout Buy?

- Breakout buy occurs when price breaches a significant resistance level.  Retracement buy occurs after the stock has broken out and retraces back to the previous support area.

4. Is this just a Support and Resistance zone?

- No.  The support and resistance areas are made as a result of different parameters based on Advanced Price Action Trading Strategy followed by Smart Money Concept, along with a few indicators such as Volume, MACD, and Stochastic RSI for verification of the set parameter.

5. How reliable is AI Chart?

- Since this AI Chart is not just made based on algo and since every stock, sectors are closely verified for accuracy by professional analysts, the AI-Assisted Charts are more reliable than traditional algo based trading strategy because of the 3 day time bound limit of share reaching DMAT account.

6. How can AI Chart be unbiased if they are reviewed by professional analysts?

- Only the AI Chart conclusions are verified by the professional analysts on daily basis, hence creating unbiased objective analysis as well as providing optimized quality assurance. 

7. There are more than 50+ Companies in Buy List for eg., can we filter furthermore?

- It is understandable thing that people are not used to with getting more than 3-4 buy recommendations, but all the companies listed in the Buy List are as a result of they have fulfilled all the criterias to validate as a BUY.