Symbol CBL (Civil Bank Ltd)
Fiscal Year 073-074
Announcement Detail Civil Bank Limited proclaim its 7th and 8th AGM going to be held on Baisakh 27, 2076 and has published the financial statement of the fiscal year 2074/75.
Announcement Date 2019/04/16 AD (2076/01/03 BS)
Tags AGM    Book closure    Financial Statement    Cash Dividend    Bonus Share   
Agenda Financial Highlight of 2073/74, 2074/75, 2075/76, Appointment of Auditor, Others.
Bookclose Date 2019/04/23 AD (2076/01/10 BS)
% Cash Dividend 0.54
% Bonus Share 10.25
Right Share Ratio
Date 2019/05/10 AD (2076/01/27 BS)
Venue Amritbhog, Kalikasthan
Time 11:00 AM