Symbol SHEL (Singati Hydro Energy Limited)
Fiscal Year 080-081
Announcement Detail Singati Hydro Energy Limited has distributed its 46,11,539.00 units of ordinary right share to the interested whoever person, company, institutions on Chaitra 30, 2080 and is going to refund the payment to the non-allottees bank account starting from today, Baishakh 03, 2081 The final cut-off price is as Rs.145.00
Announcement Date 2024/04/15 AD (2081/01/03 BS)
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Bookclose Date
% Cash Dividend
% Bonus Share
Right Share Ratio
Date 2024/04/12 AD (2080/12/30 BS)
Venue Muktinath Capital Limited, Head Office, Narayanchaur, Naxal, Kathmandu