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Rs.150 for Basic Share Training 1 Month

Welcome to merolagani Stock market Training Video Podcast. This section we have included training videos for basic to advanced levels of fundamental and technical analysis in easy and understanding language.

 What to expect?

This is a basic level course designed for beginners in the stock market. Taking this course, you will be able to understand the technical terms used in Technical Analysis. You will also be able to make first level decisions on when to BUY / Sale / Hold shares in the stock market.

Who can take this class?

Everyone interested in stock market. It doesn't require any existing skills and everyone can take this class. The language used in the course is simple Nepali. 

What is the course syllabus ?

The course contains the beginner level understanding for :

  1. Understanding Technical Analysis
  2. Support & Resistance
  3. Candle Sticks
  4. Trendlines
  5. Other New topics added every week.


What is the course Fee ?
To make it available for the masses, we have started the course fee for just Rs. 15 (renewed every 3 Days). Also, This fee is applicable to only Ncell customers.

For others, Rs. 150 (Valid for 1 month).

What is course detail for Advance Course ?

The advance technical analysis course includes the following:

1. Introduction to Technical Analysis - 25 Minutes

2. Chapter 1 - Support & Resistance (60 Minutes)

3. Chapter 2 - Candlesticks (60 Minutes)

4. Chapter 3 - Trendline (60 Minutes)

5. Chapter 4 - Moving Average (60 Minutes)

6. Chapter 5 - Relative Strength Index (60 Minutes)

7.  Chapter 6 - Fibonacci Retracement & Projections (60 Minutes)

8. Chapter 7 - Chart Patterns (60 Minutes)

9.  Chapter 8 - Elliott Wave Theory (60 Minutes)

10. Chapter 9 - Moving Average Convergence & Divergence (60 Minutes)

11. Chapter 10 - Company Analysis (60 Minutes)

12. Chapter 11 - Developing Trading Strategies (How To Detect Fake Breakouts, How To Make Trade Setups, High Risk Trade Setups, etc.)


What is the course Fee ?

This advanced course is now available at Rs.2499 ( Valid for 1 month only).