Share TrainingTechnical & Fundamental Analysis Training in NepalMerolagani  “Combo Course” of both “Fundamental & Technical Analysis” will provide you with a complete & comprehensive Share Training course that will help you to:


  • To find out the fundamental factors that drive the price of stock.
  • To understand how to act with the price movement of the stock, with the goal of making trading decisions.
  • To ultimately maximize your profits and minimize your losses.


This comprehensive share training course is divided into four different levels and is aimed at enhancing and adding value to investor’s capability to take right BUY | SELL | HOLD decisions:

Technical & Fundamental Analysis Training Level 1

Technical & Fundamental Analysis Level 2


Technical & Fundamental Analysis Level 3

Advanced Technical Analysis Course Nepal

We Provide:

  • FREE Lifetime Software Installation + FREE 1-month “Daily” Data Updates OR FREE Lifetime “Weekly” Data Updates.
  • FREE 1-Year Portfolio Management Tracker Subscription.
  • FREE 1-Month Merolagani Technical Newsletter Subscription.
  • FREE Lifetime membership to Merolagani TA Forum, where you can interact with more than 500+ Merolagani Technical Analysts that will help you to take better BUY | SELL | HOLD decisions.


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  Know Your Trainers


Merolagani Share Training Courses are being conducted by four well-renowned Technical Analysts of Nepal, supervised and monitored by Mr. Atit Lal Shrestha, CEO of Merolagani for best learning experience to the investors.

Atit Lal Shrestha, CEO, Merolagani

Mr. Atit Lal Shrestha is the CEO of and has educational qualification of Masters from Tribhuvan University. 

Mr. Shrestha has undergone the training of Technical Analysis from US Stock Market via T3 Trading Corp, LLC, representative and has 1+ years of dedicated experience in working in US Stock Market via different online platforms (Think or Swim, Lightspeed, etc).

Mr. Shrestha has been involved in stock market of Nepal for the past 4 years and conducts classes on Indepth-to-Advanced Fundamental Analysis and also Advanced Technical Analysis Classes with focus primarily on “Price Action Trading” and teaches the “Art of Trading.”


Most recent Interview of Mr. Atit Lal Shrestha on Himalayan TV:

 Yogesh Daruka, Ex-Portfolio Manager, Technical Analyst

Yogesh DarukaMr. Yogesh Daruka is a professional trader trading throughout the different segments of the market on the basis of Technical Analysis in Currency, Commodities, Bonds, Stocks in Indian as well as Nepalese Markets. He has in-depth knowledge of different modules provided by Securities Exchange of India.

He has worked as a Portfolio Manager in Destimoney Securities Pvt. Ltd., a leading brokerage firm in India where he handled funds of HNI’s (High Net Worth Individuals) investing their funds in different segments of market, and has an expertise in Derivatives Trading viz. Pair Trading, Spread Trading, Arbitraging, Risk Management with Hedging Strategies, etc.


Most Recent Interview of Mr. Yogesh Daruka in Himalayan TV Bazar Guru:

Santosh Singh Lingden, MD, Lingden Investment Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Santosh Singh LingdenMr. Santosh Singh Lingden is the MD of Lingden Investment Co. P. Ltd.  Mr. Lingden was previously involved in Banking and Finance sector, has an extensive Technical Analysis expertise in Australian Stock Exchange (ASX), and has taken a course regarding stock market of ASX in Sydney, Australia. 

Mr. Lingden also underwent an extensive training course with Jamb Technologies regarding “Securities Investment Professional” and in “Future and Derivative Market Training” in 2008.

Mr. Lingden has been working as an expert Technical Analyst for the past 10+ years in Nepalese Stock Market and is currently also involved as Technical Analysis Writer in Abhiyan with F & T Group.


Most Recent interview of Mr. Santosh Singh Lingden in Business Plus TV:

 Sunil Shrestha, MD, Money Spell Investment Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil ShresthaMr. Sunil Shrestha has been involved in Stock Market of Nepal for the past 8+ years and has taken Technical Analysis training through Forex Capital Market, LLC and Market Trader Institute (Affiliated to Bloomberg).

Mr. Shrestha has extensive knowledge on Technical Analysis, especially with regards to Forex, Commodity Market, and Nepalese Stock Market.

Mr. Shrestha has established himself as an active trader both in Commodity Market and Nepalese Stock Market since 2007 and is Chairman and Managing Director at Money Spell Investment Pvt. Ltd.


Most Recent interview of Mr. Sunil Shrestha in Bazar Guru of Himalayan TV:


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