• Data Analytics

    Merolagani Data Analytics is a revolutionary product that combines Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Floorsheet Analysis to give investors a detailed insight into a stock, which will ultimately help investors make better BUY | SELL decisions.

  • Merolagani Newsletter

    Weekly and Daily summary report made by Merolagani Technical Analyst Team to help investors make BUY | SELL | HOLD Stratiegies

  • Portfolio

    Online utility that helps to track all investments and make investors aware of their gains and losses.

  • Technical Data

    MetaStock contains powerful technical analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy and sell and when to execute to make the most profitable trade possible.

  • SMS Alerts

    This service is for getting Share Market alerts in your SMS.

  • Podcast

    Merolagani podcast. A digital audio Merolagani latest series.

  • Online Stock Training

    Stock Training Video Podcast

  • Mega Offer

    Mega Offers available in Merolagani